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Specializing in Intellectual Property Law (Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights)

What is Intellectual Property?

  • Patents protect your products, inventions and unique methods and processes.

  • Trademarks protect your names, logos and taglines.

  • Copyrights prevent others from copying your media that expresses your ideas.

How can you benefit from working with Campbell IP?

Over my twenty year legal career, I have helped hundreds of clients successfully protect and manage their own intellectual property and also avoid costly intellectual property disputes.  What that means to you is that when you choose to work with Campbell IP, you will be able to identify your valuable intellectual property rights and assets, understand their worth, determine how to best use them and decide how to best protect them.  You will also enjoy the benefit of counseling and legal opinions that will minimize the likelihood of your exposure to liability arising out of infringement claims. 

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